11 October 2021 Battery Storage, Energy Infrastructure, Net Zero, Podcast, Renewable Energy

Episode 3: Understanding Energy Storage (with John Flaherty)

Energy Matters Episode 3 John Flaherty

In our latest episode, we chat about battery storage — or energy storage as it is otherwise known — to understand the essential, if relatively underappreciated role that the technology is playing in efforts to decarbonise energy systems globally.

Though battery storage may be the somewhat lesser known and lesser understood sibling of renewable energy, its contribution to weening the world off fossil fuels will be no less important. That’s because – simply put – without an ability to store intermittent wind or solar power for when we actually need it, then the clean, green energy that’s generated will just go to waste.

In our latest episode with interviewee John Flaherty (Managing Director at SMS plc), we find out the difference between behind-the-meter and grid-scale energy storage technologies, how they are vital to supporting the increased use of renewable power, and why these assets — as well as being environmentally-friendly — also make for an appetising investment proposition.

Episode Timestamps

00:00 – 02:20 — Introduction
02:21 – 09:40 — Defining Energy Storage
09:41 – 15:16 — Supporting Grid Flexibility
15:17 – 18:40— The Investment Case
18:41 – 22:27 — The SMS Proposition
22:28 – 24:45 — SMS Project Pipeline
24:46 – 26:31 — Roundup

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