17 June 2021 Net Zero, Podcast, Sustainability

Episode 2: Becoming a Net-Zero Carbon Business (with Charlotte Gregory)

Energy Matters Episode 2 Charlotte Gregory

What exactly is net-zero carbon? And what will it take for our economies and businesses to make such ambitious environmental targets a reality in the face of climate change?

In this episode, we talk to senior sustainability professional, Charlotte Gregory, about what ‘net-zero’ means and look at the strategies being deployed by forward-thinking and socially responsible organisations who hope to achieve the milestone within the next decade.

Charlotte specifically discusses SMS’s ‘Net-Zero 2030’ programme and how the phased rollout of business-wide green technologies and energy efficiency measures will be key to reaching the goal.

Episode Timestamps

00:00 – 02:25 — Introduction
02:34 – 04:40 — Definitions of Net-Zero
04:41 – 07:20 — SMS’s Net-Zero 2030 Strategy
07:21 – 11:19— Challenges and benefits
11:20 – 14:13 — Sustainable business foundations
14:14 – 15:30 — Looking beyond net-zero
15:31 – 17:51 — Roundup

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