28 April 2021 Battery Storage, Energy Management, Innovation, Net Zero, Podcast, Public Sector, Renewable Energy, Social Housing

Episode 1: Tackling Fuel Poverty (with Killian O’Connor)

Energy Matters Episode 1 Killian O'Connor

In this first ever episode of Energy Matters, we set about tackling one of the energy industry’s — and indeed one of society’s — biggest issues: fuel poverty.

More than 10% of households in the UK today cannot afford to pay their energy bills or heat their homes, a situation which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We talk to renewable energy expert, Killian O’Connor, about how fuel poverty is defined, some of the Government policies aimed at alleviating the problem, and how — importantly — technology-led and finance-backed solutions might just hold the answer.

Killian talks about one such solution on the market: SMS’s Solopower, which offers smart battery storage and solar generation to social housing landlords and their tenants at zero upfront cost.

For more information on fuel poverty, visit our blog.

Episode Timestamps

00:00 – 02:13 — Introduction
02:14 – 05:10 — Definitions, statistics, and causes of fuel poverty
05:11 – 12:15 — Fuel poverty strategies and policies
12:16 – 15:25 — The role of technology and finance
15:26 – 16:58 — The role of social housing
16:59 – 21:30 — Solopower: the financed smart solar + battery solution
21:31 – 24:00 — Solopower: explaining how it works
24:01 – 25:42 — Round-up

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