The first phase of the Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme is coming to a close with a compliance deadline tomorrow (5th December 2015).

For those organisations that have missed the deadline, we will be providing support to secure compliance early in the New Year. There is still a chance to catch-up and comply in reasonable time, which will reduce the risk of enforcement action from the Environment Agency and the fines that may follow.

We don’t know what proportion of organisations will comply by tomorrow’s deadline (or by the start of enforcement action in January), but we do know however, that more technical energy audits have taken place across Europe than ever before. We also expect that more organisations now have an understanding of the cost reduction options afforded to them by energy efficiency, and that importantly, business directors now have a greater awareness of where these cost savings can be made.

For those specialists involved in the energy efficiency services industry, there has been an intensive period of technical auditing and analysis. Each consultant, engineer and lead assessor has been working with their clients to give each organisation a strategic view of savings opportunities. At SMS, we have delivered audit analyses amounting to over £100 million in energy saving potential, typically ranging from 20% – 50% of organisation’s energy budgets. With the falling costs for energy efficient technology, there are many attractive investments out there and we’ve received a positive response from senior management to these eye-catching business cases.

Whichever way energy opportunities have been presented to senior management, the often promising numbers can cover a myriad of complexities. There are many questions that may arise: ‘Can we trust what we are being told?’, ‘What approach to risk and reward will suit us?’, ‘Do we have the capacity and capability to take on these projects?’, and in some cases the classic but potentially accusative ‘Why haven’t we done this already?’

As a consequence, we expect 2016 to be a big year for piloting activity and proving concepts; with most organisations mitigating risks through proper due diligence before launching large-scale programmes. As ever, the SMS consulting and projects teams will be positioned to assist in refining business cases, executing field trials, scrutinising savings claims and developing savings programmes to secure the available rewards whilst keeping the risks under control.

If we can offer support to you and your organisation in any way, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether it’s a second opinion on opportunities developed through ESOS, considering options for project planning or simply the catching-up on compliance, we would be more than happy to discuss your needs.

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