Sustainability professionals enjoy better than average pay, higher job satisfaction and are less likely to face unemployment than those working in other sectors.

That is according to the latest survey from sustainability body IEMA, who quizzed 1,053 IEMA members employed in ‘green’ jobs such as energy efficiency consultancy and energy management.

The study found that 70% of sustainability professionals were "satisfied" or "highly satisfied" with their jobs, compared to a national average of 64 per cent.

High levels of job satisfaction could likely be attributed to the better rates of pay in the sustainability sector compared to other industries. The median salary last year grew 2.6 per cent from £39,000 to £40,000, as opposed to a national average of £28,758.

In addition, just one per cent of IEMA members said they were currently unemployed, while 17 per cent had won a promotion in the previous year.

"It's fantastic that yet again, we are able to report that this is a profession that exceeds the national averages for job satisfaction, employability and pay," said IEMA's CEO Tim Balcon.

"Anyone looking for a job that recognises and rewards dedication and the ability to make positive change should look no further. People in this profession are happy, do rewarding and varied work, are in control of their development, can rely on the right kind of career mobility and have healthy salaries."

Growing sustainability trend sees employment demand surge

The global sustainability trend in tandem with increased energy-related risk has created growing employment opportunities within the highly-desirable and highly-rewarding environment of sustainability sector, and particularly at energy services companies like SMS Plc.

Greener government policies aimed at combating climate change and promoting economic prosperity have helped push this trend, while more and more organisations have woken up to the advantages of employing greater corporate social responsibility.
Indeed, confronted with volatile energy markets and growing energy-related costs, businesses are becoming aware in ever greater numbers of the huge financial benefits to be gained from reducing energy consumption.

It’s within this context that in 2016 the global energy service company (ESCO) market expanded by 12% to $26.8 billion, as demand for risk management and energy efficiency expertise bulged.

Work at SMS Plc

As one of Britain’s leading support services to the energy industry, we are committed to helping deliver the future of smart energy, and this includes investing smartly in people.

We are always on the lookout for new talent to help us meet the demand for our services in this ever-growing, ever-evolving sector.

So whether you’re an established energy professional, or interested in pursuing a bright new career in an exciting industry which ranks at the top of job satisfaction and salary indicators, we would like to hear from you.

Opportunities for employment include:

Energy Brokers
Energy Consultants
Energy Analysts
Project Managers
Bill Validation Coordinators

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