The global sustainability trend in tandem with increased energy-related risk has created growing employment opportunities at energy service companies – including at SMS Plc.

As we make the transition to a low-carbon global economy, the demand for energy management services internationally is growing at a rapid rate.

Greener government policies aimed at combating climate change and promoting economic prosperity have helped push this trend, while more and more organisations have woken up to the benefits of employing greater corporate social responsibility.

By reducing their energy consumption, businesses worldwide are not only fulfilling their moral obligation to the environment, but reaping the financial rewards from doing so as they significantly slash their operational costs.

However, the increased need for energy efficiency solutions isn’t the only reason why a growing number of organisations are turning to expert energy management services like us.

With the global energy market as volatile as it is, energy prices are becoming increasingly harder to predict.

Meanwhile, with governments under pressure to reduce carbon emissions and boost sustainability, the need to accommodate newer, greener sources of power is putting greater stress on energy networks, driving up non-commodity costs, and – in turn – energy bills.

As a result, businesses are being left with increased energy risk. This might impact whether they are buying energy at the right price (or at the right time), whether they are being charged for their energy use correctly, or indeed, if they are using more energy than they actually need to.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle that organisations face is not just knowing the answers to these questions, but also having the expertise to deliver any required change.

It’s within this context that last year the global energy service company (ESCO) market expanded by 12% to $26.8 billion, as demand for risk management and energy efficiency expertise bulged.

Over 1 million people are now employed by ESCOs around the world. This job market is only set to expand as the digital transformation underway in our energy system – a revolution propelled by the advent of smart technology – will require even greater skill and know-how as businesses look to adopt new, innovative ways of managing their energy.

Owing to these reasons, SMS Plc is currently expanding.

As one of Britain’s leading support services to the energy industry, we are committed to helping deliver the future of smart energy, and this includes investing smartly in people.

We are always on the lookout for new talent to help us meet the demand for our services in this ever-growing, ever-evolving sector.

So whether you’re an established energy professional, or interested in pursuing a bright new career in this exciting industry, we would like to hear from you.

Opportunities for employment include:

Energy Brokers
Energy Consultants
Energy Analysts
Project Managers
Bill Validation Coordinators

For more information on these opportunities, as well as the benefits involved in joining a fast-expanding, forward-thinking organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Email us your CV at info@sms-plc.com today!