Over a year has passed since the revised ISO 14001:2015 standard was published. The revised standard was designed to help organisations better embrace the wider principles of sustainability and benefit from a more strategic, integrated Environmental Management System (EMS) that brings tangible benefits to your business and customers.

ISO 14001 is the global benchmark for Environmental Management Systems with over 300,000 organisations across 171 countries meeting the standard first set in 2004. However, even though we are almost halfway into a three year transition process, the vast majority have not recertified to the latest version causing alarm within the industry. So why so few given time is quickly running out?

Our experience shows that for most it’s on their ‘to-do-list’, often waiting for others to go first or even worried about getting it wrong. Many are fearful of this change; worried that they will be forced to develop more resource sapping processes and layers of admin (this is not true). Many organisations simply lack the skills, expertise and confidence to make the transition which is leading to risky delays.

Whatever your circumstances our key message is don’t wait - start considering what the changes mean to you and develop a plan to get the most out of the new standard! Conducting a gap analysis is a great first step; if you’re thinking of doing one, don’t just check you current EMS against the new requirements as all you will do is spot gaps and miss the real opportunities to add real value.

If you’re unsure how to bridge the gap between the standards don’t despair! We’ll help you take advantage of this opportunity by providing a completely free gap analysis. This is designed to not only review and ‘spot gaps’ in your current system but give an insight on how to meet the new standard and get the most value out of your EMS!

Our team of consultants at SMS has already helped some of the UK’s largest organisations successfully move from the 2004 standard to the new 2015 version and the benefits are already being realised. So with time running out to complete the transition please contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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