EXCLUSIVE: Compliance rates for the Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) appear to have stalled at a critical time, with thousands of qualifying organisations still unaccounted for upon Friday's (29 April) ultimate deadline.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency, which is managing the Scheme, revealed to edie that, as of 15 April, 6,239 organisations had submitted notifications of ESOS compliance – just 291 more than the 5,948 businesses that were compliant by the initial 29 January deadline.

The Agency had also received around 400 additional notifications of their ‘intent to comply’ by 15 April. But, with the three-month grace period for ESOS compliance coming to an end today (29 April), this means that around 3,000 of the circa-10,000 ESOS qualifying organisations were unaccounted for as of mid-April and are therefore now at risk of enforcement action.

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