With Distribution Network Operators accused of routinely mishandling business’ connection requests, experienced connections management providers like us are primed to fill this customer service gap.

Poor communication, missed connection dates, and failure to provide justification for delays. These are just some of the problems new customers have to face when requesting Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) for electricity connections, according to market regulator Ofgem.

New businesses, generators and housing developers are among those that depend on an efficient connections service. However, in managing connection requests – an element described as “an essential part of a DNO’s customer service” – operators “may have fallen short” in meeting minimum expectations, Ofgem has stated in a newly published consultation outlining various concerns.

Connection challenges

The under-performance of Britain’s six DNOs in providing connections to their customers may now result in a combined potential penalty of £13.9 million owing to regulator rules.

While many of the failings involve poor communication, there are a number of other accusations aimed at DNOs and their connections services following feedback given to Ofgem from customers. These include:

• A lack of progress updates on requests
• Failure to explain costs
• Failure to provide justification for delays/missed connection dates
• Issues related to the provision of emergency response cover

Had a poor connections experience? We can help

As the UK’s first choice connections management provider – delivering over 100,000 connections for clients over the past two decades – we understand the complexities involved in joining utilities to new developments better than anyone.

Having to coordinate effectively with DNOs, as well as numerous other parties throughout the connections process, can be an extremely challenging and time-consuming task for businesses, as Ofgem’s findings demonstrate.

Whether you need a new electricity connection, disconnection, or an upgrade for your residential, industrial or commercial site, we can offer you a single point of contact – dealing directly with the local network operator and managing all other required connection services so you don’t have to.

This will enable you to put extra time and resources into other aspects of your project, ensuring that your connections progress in line with your timescales and that you are only paying for what is necessary.

Thanks to our years of experience, dedicated approach, and specialist skills, we are qualified to find the best solutions to complex challenges in any connections project, from one-off connections to management of large portfolios, whilst always tailoring our services to customers’ specific requirements.

Our excellent relationship with industry contacts and accreditation to work across all DNOs nationwide also allows us to significantly reduce costs and deliver projects on time, and within budget.

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