As is today well recognised, the UK energy system is facing a huge challenge to decarbonise.

One of the biggest challenges we face relates to our current dependence on major power plants, which produce vast emissions and provide a major obstacle to achieving net-zero carbon by 2050.

To transition away from this system and to support the move to more local, sustainable energy supply, the widespread installation of smart meters and automatic meter reading (AMR) in domestic and commercial properties will be essential.

By being able to analyse the data from digitised meters, we are moving to a model where granular, near real-time data, increasingly allows for the integration of renewables, localised microgeneration and battery storage, and ultimately the establishment of a more decentralised energy system which is cleaner and more flexible.

While this is great news for the environment and our net-zero goal, for businesses in particular, this new system is providing a host of new opportunities to benefit through energy saving and the potential to increase revenue, too. 

Having a smart meter or AMR solution will allow your business to benefit from half-hourly data settlement. Gaining access to this level of insight on your consumption profile will help you to manage your demand through enabling improved energy efficiency, and opening up a world of energy-saving possibilities.

Below we look at a number of ways business can harness the power of metering and consumption data.

Use your data insight for effective energy management

For organisations with complex site portfolios, gaining even the most basic level of energy usage insight can involve manually managing multiple databases across tens, hundreds or even thousands of properties. Automatically monitoring your half-hourly meter data with energy management software can make this task much simpler, bringing all your data together on one platform, providing a comprehensive visibility of consumption, and helping you to establish patterns and set benchmarks more efficiently. Working with professional energy consultants can help you further rationalise your usage, and provide the expertise and resources to deliver energy projects that boost sustainability, reduce carbon and introduce flexibility.

Protect yourself from rising costs

As well as offering opportunities, the decarbonisation of the energy system is providing increased risk to businesses if they do not engage with the changing market. To counter the rise in non-commodity costs that are being driven upwards by the low-carbon agenda, businesses are increasingly recommended to optimise their supply contract. To do this, it is essential to understand the energy profile of your site (through your meter data) and optimise supply conditions accordingly with a complex and volatile market. It’s no wonder then that more and more organisations are choosing to work with an expert energy bureau to manage this risk for them.

Make the business case for new low-carbon technologies

Through facilitating load control features (that are supported by our digitised metering system), smart meters and AMR are facilitating new options to help organisations manage and potentially profit from their electricity usage. As the cost of investing in new low-carbon technologies – such as microgeneration and battery storage – fall, the possibility for consumers to produce their own energy and control when they use, store, and export it (through participation in demand-side response or microgrids) makes for an increasingly compelling business case.

Greater participation in DSR has the potential to be transformative, not just for businesses that will have an extra method to boost efficiency, cut carbon emissions, and provide extra revenue, but for the energy system as a whole. The more participants there are, the greater the efficacy of DSR towards ensuring a more secure, sustainable and affordable electricity system, with operators better enabled to soften peaks in demand and fill in the troughs, especially at times when power is more abundant, affordable and clean.

Consolidate your metering, data and energy service requirements

As the energy landscape continues to evolve, businesses can benefit by developing a long-term relationship with an experienced energy partner. While there are many consultants to choose from, few can consolidate all your energy requirements – from metering and data, to energy management and the delivery of projects – all under one roof like SMS can. The complex nature of the energy market increasingly calls for a holistic approach to take full advantage. With our help, you can realise the potential of energy as a source of savings and revenue, rather than just an overhead.

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