Three quarters of UK firms surveyed say they have experienced at least one commercial benefit from taking sustainable actions such as improving energy efficiency. However, one third cite financial concerns as an investment barrier.  

There was a time not so long ago that the principal reason for most businesses to consider ‘going green’ was purely for the perceived sustainable credibility rather than any direct or dramatic commercial benefit.

However, recently an ever-growing mound of evidence has been stacking up to suggest that green investment does not only make for a respectable ethical decision, but a tangibly profitable one too. That goes not just for large commercial companies, but for small and medium-sized businesses across the UK as well.

In the last few months alone, studies have shown that environmental compliance costs in the UK are more than offset by the economic benefits triggered, while corporates across the pond in the US were found to be actively using sustainability strategies to boost revenues. Business Green also reported earlier this year on how eight in 10 bosses of small businesses in Britain want to be more sustainable.

Now a new study has strengthened the business case for green investment further still, with almost three quarters of British businesses claiming to have found themselves financially better off as a direct result of investing in green technology.

According to the survey of 535 senior managers in mid-sized UK businesses, just shy of 75 per cent of firms said they had experienced at least one commercial benefit from taking sustainable actions such as improving energy efficiency.

The cross-sector study found that more than one third of those surveyed reported a drop in business costs thanks to their investment, with 27 per cent believing their actions would help their company gain "environmentally responsible" status amongst consumers.

Despite tightened regulations imposed on larger corporate organisations, such as ESOS or EU ETS, the study suggests that more could be done by authorities to make green investment more attractive for smaller firms, with regulatory demands cited by just 19 per cent of respondents as a driver of investment.

Notably, one in three firms cited financial concerns as a barrier to implementing sustainable action, with 19 per cent reporting a lack of funds as one of the main reasons why green investment was held back and 16 per cent citing concerns over returns on investment.

Smarter Energy Management

Every year, a growing number of British organisations come to us for help in reducing their energy consumption risk through improved energy efficiency. For the vast majority, their investment in energy efficiency is not born out of obligation, but a real desire to improve the sustainability of their business, and of course take advantages of the vast financial incentives that come with it.

We believe that solely complying with regulation – though we help with that too – is the very minimum any modern, forward-thinking organisation can do. Indeed, energy saving measures are today increasingly viewed as much less of an obligation, but a major strategic investment good for both the environment and profitability.

For progressive, energy-conscious organisations such as these, we provide practical guidance and support to rationalise energy usage and maximise efficiency.

Funding options - Reduce your Delivery Risk 

We acknowledge that, for a number of business (as the study highlights), investing in energy efficiency can often be deterred by a lack of access to funding or concerns over ROI. At SMS Plc, we are able to offer a hurdle over this common obstacle, meaning your organisation does not have to miss out on the benefits of going green any longer.

We not only offer you the tools and expertise to reduce your energy consumption, cut costs and improve environmental sustainability, but can also provide the management and funding to deliver your energy efficiency projects for you.

While our Energy Information Services can help you turn your consumption data into management information that prompts positive action and supports engagement, our smarter, systematic approach to energy management allows us to work with you to create a bespoke strategy for your business, combining step-changes in energy efficiency with continual sustainable improvements.

A technology agnostic service, we offer a turnkey solution with an adaptable funding model to fit your specific requirements, including a ‘pay as you save’ option whereby you only pay for your project when you start saving money.

With such an accessible energy efficiency service at your disposal, it’s time your business made sustainability a priority and started realising the commercial benefits.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organisation deliver energy efficiency. Call us on 02920 739 540 or email us and we'll get back to you!