Be #energyconfident - reduce your energy risk!

Does your organisation do everything it can to minimise its energy usage and expenditure, and as a result, maximise energy-related savings?

Whatever your industry, we believe it’s necessary to appreciate the full range of energy risk that confronts every type of business, big or small, before attempting to answer this question.

At SMS Plc, our aim is to help you identify, understand and comprehensively reduce your energy risk, making you completely confident in your organisation’s energy management strategy.

To us, inspiring energy confidence means providing you with the best possible tools to provide an answer to the above, and offering the smartest solutions to ensure your response can be a resounding ‘Yes!’

What do we mean by energy risk?

Price Risk
Are you buying energy at the right price?

With so many suppliers, so many different tariffs, and a constant flux in wholesale energy prices to account for – not to mention the steadily rising contribution of non-commodity charges towards the total cost of power – how can you be so sure you are getting the best deal for your money?

Billing risk
Are you being overcharged?

British businesses lose out on millions of pounds each year through billing errors. As a result, without an expert analysis of your historic and ongoing billing data, you will continue to be at risk of being left out of pocket.

Consumption risk
Are you using more than you need?

There is a practically immeasurable amount of savings to be made from reducing energy usage – hence why increased energy efficiency is so in demand by organisations looking to significantly cut their costs, as well as improve environmental sustainability. Such is the growing sustainability trend, a major study has revealed that 70% of global organisations paid more attention to energy efficiency in 2017 compared to last year, with 58% expecting to increase investments in 2018.

Delivery Risk
Do you have the expertise to make change?

You’ve identified that your business’ overheads are at risk, be it through energy prices, energy billing, or energy consumption – or indeed via all three. However, do you realistically have the in-house capacity and budget to implement significant, lasting transformation?

Now, let us ask the question again: is your organisation doing everything it can to minimise energy usage and expenditure, and as a result, maximise energy-related savings?

With SMS Plc, you can be completely #energyconfident that it is. If you think your organisation could reduce its energy risk in a smarter, more efficient way, get in touch today!

Be #energyconfident – reduce your energy risk!