Risk Management & Procurement

Managing your energy contracts and beyond

As one of the UK’s leading energy consultants, our energy procurement team are perfectly placed to manage this process on your behalf securing you with the most appropriate and best value energy supply contracts.
Our ongoing success has been down to our ability to work openly and impartially with all UK energy suppliers whilst remaining completely focused on delivering first class customer service.

Managing Energy Risk

The wholesale energy market is a fast moving environment which can change rapidly with little or no prior warning. Our team actively track and analyse markets in real time identifying opportunities and threats. As a result of our market intelligence you can rely on us to give you straightforward advice on when to purchase energy and how to implement the best procurement strategy.

Choosing your Energy Contract

We take the time to understand your needs and develop an energy strategy based around your requirements and will guide you through various options that include:

Fixed energy purchasing
Fixed pricing allows you to lock out all your energy at a single point for an agreed period providing price and budget certainty regardless of market volatility. Successful timing and supplier negotiation can lead to significant savings and improved contractual terms. We’re completely impartial and work with all UK energy suppliers to secure the best possible rates and contracts for our clients.

Flexible energy purchasing
Flexible procurement allows larger energy consumers to purchase their energy direct from wholesale markets spreading the price risk over multiple purchasing decisions throughout the year.
Our team will work with you develop a Risk Management Strategy that gives you the best of both worlds, taking advantage of market dips whilst protecting your budget from costly wholesale increases.

Water Procurement

Water and sewerage costs change every year so assessing the market and negotiating your supply agreement can deliver big savings. Our team has been managing water tenders in Scotland since 2008 delivering large savings to end users.

From April 2017 competition in the water industry for England is set to open so SMS are ideally placed to review your water spend and negotiate better agreements on your behalf.  

For more information, please contact our team directly or email us.


Multi-Utility Invoice Analysis

Bureau & Bill Validation

We investigate inconsistencies, resolve disputes and recover any monies overpaid

Bureau & Bill Validation

Historical Utility Invoice Analysis


We target and investigate your historical utility bills, building a clearer picture of your portfolio


Comprehensive Monitoring

Energy & Environmental

Providing solutions that enable energy to be used more efficiently and reduce costs

Energy & Environmental

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