Energy & Environmental

Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Costs

SMS Plc provide practical guidance and support to rationalise energy usage and maximise efficiency.

Our approach starts with conducting detailed energy assessment surveys and building an energy data platform. Information is collated from many sources including; BMS, energy consumption reports, utility invoices and any previous awareness campaigns. With the right data at our disposal we can easily begin to target areas for improvement and set parameters for usage.  We prepare reports and strategies to help you set clear and realistic objectives enabling energy to be used more efficiently.

Our sophisticated software, combined with the expertise of our people delivers a full breakdown of consumption throughout your business. We can input benchmarked data and compare your energy management to other company and industry standards. The time period for collection of data can be adjusted so that the reporting you receive fits your exact business model. Another option is to use exception reporting and receive regular alerts that notify of fluctuations to set targets; pinpointing problems which can be dealt with right away.

Our Compliance and Environmental teams will ensure that we manage your risks to existing and future legislation, and make sure that you benefit from all appropriate Energy and Environmental accreditations.

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Consultative Solutions

Energy Consultancy

Our experience and knowledge enables us to provide impartial energy surveys

Energy Consultancy

Monitoring & Targeting


Implement objectives to enable energy to be used more resourcefully and reduce costs


Management & Facilitation

Energy Conservation

Facilitating the procurement processes & contractor selection for all your projects

Energy Conservation

SMS Plc Data Management