Our UK Data Management business became one of the first companies in the sector to be accredited to ASPCoP, the Automatic Meter Reading Service Providers Code of Practice for Gas Meters. ASPCoP defines the operations, standards and methods by which metered gas consumption data is read and supplied to customers, energy suppliers or others.

By providing a regularised system it ensures that customers have assurance about the data accuracy, integrity and completeness to be achieved as well as the service levels they will receive from ASPs accredited under ASPCoP.

“This accreditation is a significant development for the company and comes in response to feedback from our existing gas supplier customers that this is an area they would like us to look at. The company is entering an important phase of its development and one of our key objectives must be to deliver a fantastic service to our customers which demonstrates our attention to detail, our determination to provide them with the right solution to any issues and proactive approach to enhancing their business.”

Chic Dalrymple Senior Analyst

Further information about the accreditation is available here.