Smart Metering Solution launched at Mobile World Congress A new "plug and play" smart metering solution developed by UK Smart Metering Group will be unveiled at this month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company's innovative ADM device has been developed to remove the current challenges of monitoring gas and water meters and is suitable for use in Europe and in the global marketplace.

An independent operator, UK Smart Metering Group has a lengthy track record in the utility industry with a strong focus on gas asset management. The company has developed the new product to provide automated meter readings for the consumer, gas supplier and other authorised parties. The solution comes complete with complementary web-based software which includes a unique mapping facility to manage and control large portfolios, text alerts to highlight when energy usage or time parameters are breeched, as well as the standard consumption profiling. The ADM device removes the requirement for manual meter reads, thus reducing both the user's operating costs and carbon footprint. In addition, the fact that the device can be retrofitted means that the existing meter assets can be retained and disruption to the consumer minimised.

"We chose the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona to introduce ADM as we see the communications marketplace as an ideal platform to launch our solution and increase our exposure across Europe. We're confident that our flexibility with software interfaces and our commercial offerings will make ADM a leading product in the automated meter reading market."

Alan Foy Group Managing Director