“Commitment to developing our customer experience culture has to have full buy-in from everyone in our business, not just from the management team. Membership of ICS provides an opportunity to share best practice, benchmark performance and develop our staff, as well as helping to raise the quality of the service we deliver which is vital in both attracting and retaining customers.

It’s also crucial we develop our people with the relevant knowledge and skills to fully enhance the customer experience. Customer experience is at the foundation of our business, we recruit people who are focussed on delivering exceptional service. We continually seek innovation and improvement to guarantee that we deliver and exceed our customers’ expectations every time.”

Bill Turner Managing Director of UK Data Management

The Institute is the independent professional body for customer service. UK Smart Metering Group is one of an increasing number of utility companies joining ICS, which regularly releases surveys on UK customer satisfaction.

Until recently, the utility sector has scored poorly in these surveys, and this is something these companies are determined to rectify. Bill concluded:

“Our focus is to deliver an exceptional service for our customers - that objective is at the core of the changes we’re making to the business and our membership of ICS demonstrates our commitment and determination to this key area.” “By ensuring that we attain the highest standards of customer service we’ll not only deliver what our customers want but we’ll differentiate ourselves in what is a highly competitive marketplace.”

Further information on ICS is available here.