Our company position and asset accumulation.

A trusted partner providing the complete energy service, we connect, own, operate and maintain metering systems and databases on behalf of energy suppliers, as well as delivering metering, energy management and utility connection services directly to large energy consumers and multi-site organisations.

Whilst proud to be market leading in each of these areas individually, it is our comprehensive service offering that makes us truly unique in our industry. There are no other UK organisations in a position to offer all these services in house simultaneously, meaning our customers do not have to worry about finding additional partners to deliver other parts of their energy-related projects.

We aim to be the market leader in the independent ownership of industrial and commercial meters and establish ADM as the industry standard smart metering solution for industrial and commercial (I&C) clients. We are positioned to grow our domestic meters business organically through new contracts.

We are also seeking out new domestic and international markets for our products and services to widen our footprint in the UK and establish an international presence.

Asset Accumulation

We own, operate and install dual fuel, electricity-only and gas-only meter assets for the I&C and domestic markets throughout the UK, and continuously grow our meter asset share in these markets.

Our well-established and trusted ADM smart metering solution has been designed to the highest standard. We aim to grow our smart meter asset share which will add recurring revenue from ADM meter rental and data provision solutions.

Our investment case and shareholder returns. 

Reasons to invest in our company are as follows:

  • Established market position (metering)
    We are a gas and electricity metering and data services company with over 3.1 million assets generating £75.3 million in annualised recurring revenue.
  • Significant and visible annuity stream from the meter assets
  • Sizable market opportunity
    There is a sizeable opportunity in UK domestic smart meter market.
  • Proven management team
    Our team has a proven record of growing index-linked, long-term, annually recurring revenues and profits in the utility sector.
  • Scalable IT and installation capability
    Our IT and installation capability can deliver ownership of additional gas and electricity smart meter assets to increase annually recurring rents.
  • Priority is to invest for long-term growth
  • Progressive dividend