Our integrated service business model

Key business focus

We are playing a critical role in transforming and decarbonising the UK energy networks.

We have full ownership, control and installation of our delivery model and are uniquely able to provide a turnkey end-to-end service for our customers. From customer contact and appointment booking, to stock provision and engineering field force, from job scheduling to health and safety – we are investing in the capacity to ensure we provide certainty of delivery and what we have always been focused on: the highest standards of customer service.

Our key strategic priorities are threefold:

1. Continue to increase our metering installation run rates in the Domestic and Industrial and Commercial (I&C) markets to further grow our 3.1 million metering and data assets currently under management.

2. Build on our strategic positioning and investment in capacity to take advantage of the domestic smart market opportunity in the UK, carefully managing the technology, logistics and engineering challenges associated with the SMETS2 delivery. This is founded on our proven end-to-end delivery capability, increasing capacity and track record of customer service and operational delivery.

3. Innovate our services to build data, energy, financing and installation capabilities that enable our customers to reduce their carbon emissions and facilitate our  investment in infrastructure asset classes which provide long-term recurring revenue.

Looking beyond the smart meter rollout, we will continue to invest in our business – strategically positioning ourselves as an integrated energy solutions provider, seeking partnerships to support this.