A clear strategy for growth 

Our strategic framework is structured into four key priorities, underpinned by our focus on continuing to deliver long-term value for our shareholders whilst also serving our customers, protecting the environment and looking after our people. This framework provides a clear strategic vision, built on secure foundations. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges globally, the long-term impact on the UK energy market and on SMS is not expected to be significant. Our vision and strategic priorities, over both the short term and the long term, thus remain consistent.

Our key strategic priorities are:

  • Building long-term, recurring cash generation from secure infrastructure assets
  • Customer excellence and efficient delivery
  • Efficient capital allocation to provide headroom for growth
  • Sustainable and socially responsible business

For more detailed information on these strategies, including progress and priorities through 2020, as well as details on future priorities and challenges, see pages 23-27 of our 2020 Annual Report (published 13th April 2021).