The energy system is fast evolving away from a centralised model…

The change in the UK energy market is driving new and innovative solutions to deliver cost savings and to meet carbon reduction commitments. Energy reduction through consumer behaviour is creating a large market for the installation and management of intelligent technology assets. We are uniquely positioned to be a driving force in this emerging market.

The market opportunity

By the end of 2020, the UK government and Ofgem want 80% of households and businesses to have a smart meter

With demand for smart metering and associated services set to reach unprecedented heights over the next three years, and with over 40 million meters requiring to be installed, we are ideally placed to deliver best-in-class services to energy suppliers and their consumers through our:

  • Asset investment and management services
  • Fully accredited and integrated data management services
  • Fully managed and scalable asset installation services

The energy revolution will create a new energy model

Benefits of the new energy model

Smart meters provide tangible benefits to consumers and energy suppliers alike

  • Remote, regular and accurate recording of information on energy consumption and cost
  • Increased energy efficiency enabling cost savings for consumers and supporting decarbonisation objectives
  • Digitisation of the energy network
  • Decentralised power generation
  • Two-way communication across the entire grid
  • Supply and demand management focused on usage
  • Active consumers (e.g. “Internet of Things”)
  • Time-of-use smart tariffs to support load shifting