Leading the Smart Energy Revolution

A trusted partner providing the complete energy service, we connect, own, operate and maintain metering systems and databases on behalf of energy suppliers, as well as delivering metering, energy management and utility connection services directly to large energy consumers and multi-site organisations.

We have been at the heart of the UK energy market for over two decades and are playing a critical role in transforming and decarbonising the UK energy system.

As a major energy services and smart metering company with both technology and sustainability right at the very core of our ethos and business model, SMS Plc is committed to delivering the future of smart energy.

We fulfil this vision through our unique energy offering, serving energy suppliers, the industrial and commercial sector, and the wider domestic market to realise both the environmental and financial benefits of smarter energy practice.

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Managed meter and data assets
Gas meters
Electricity meters

All comparison data against 31 December 2019

A robust position in the energy market

Our fully integrated energy service covers:

  • Asset installation
    Design, installation and management of utility connections and energy infrastructure

  • Asset funding & management
    Funding and management of meter and energy infrastructure assets and related data services 

  • Energy management
    Delivery of ongoing energy management and carbon reduction solutions

Whilst proud to be market leading in each of these areas individually, it is our comprehensive service offering that makes us truly unique in our industry. There are no other UK organisations in a position to offer all these services in house simultaneously, meaning our customers do not have to worry about finding additional partners to deliver other parts of their energy-related projects.

We currently have twelve UK offices and two training academy locations for domestic dual fuel engineers. Our dedicated helpdesk staff are based at support centres in Cardiff, Glasgow and Cambridge.

Gas data
Electricity data

All comparison data against 31 December 2019