Providing the complete energy service

We provide an end-to-end service covering all aspects of metering, utility connections and energy management.

Our vision

To be at the heart of the low-carbon, smart energy revolution that is pivotal to realising a greener, more sustainable world. With over 25 years of heritage and experience, we have an exceptional understanding of the UK energy market and how it is changing. As leaders in delivering and funding smart energy infrastructure and the zero-carbon technologies required to decarbonise, we are playing a critical role in achieving our nation’s climate targets.

A trusted partner, we are uniquely positioned to help effect real and enduring transformation.

Our Mission

To deliver the future of smart energy. We do this by providing smart meter and grid infrastructure programmes, as well as data-driven services, which enable us to provide greater control over the generation, use and storage of energy. We use finance, technology, engineering skills and knowledge to provide these solutions for our customers, delivering value to them, reducing carbon emissions, and generating long-term sustainable and recurring revenue streams.

Our core values

Fostered through extensive workshops and feedback from a wide range of employees across our organisation, we have developed Core Values and Behaviours linked to our commitment of ‘Putting Our People First’. These are:

Our purpose

Serving our customers, protecting the environment. Our immediate goal is carbon reduction, with the ultimate target of net-zero carbon emissions. We use our technology, data, finance and engineering skills and knowledge to provide innovative energy solutions for our customers. Through our services we are changing how businesses and consumers access and use energy. In doing so, we are delivering value to them, generating long-term sustainable and recurring revenue streams for the Company and, above all, reducing carbon emissions.

Our strategic investment in emerging carbon reduction (’CaRe’) asset classes helps to carve out new market segments that align with these goals.

We have been at the heart of the UK energy market for over two decades and are playing a critical role in transforming and decarbonising the UK energy system.

As a major energy services and smart metering company with both technology and sustainability right at the very core of our ethos and business model, SMS Plc is committed to delivering the future of smart energy.

We fulfil this vision through our unique energy offering, serving energy suppliers, the industrial and commercial sector, and the wider domestic market to realise both the environmental and financial benefits of smarter energy practice.

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