Our vision

To be at the heart of the low-carbon, smart energy revolution that is pivotal to realising a greener, more sustainable world. 

Our mission

To deliver the future of smart energy. We do this by providing smart meter and grid infrastructure programmes, as well as data-driven services which enable us to provide greater control over the generation, use and storage of energy. We use finance, technology, engineering skills and knowledge to provide these solutions for our customers, delivering value to them, reducing carbon emissions, and generating long-term sustainable and recurring revenue streams.

Our core values and behaviours

Fostered through extensive workshops and feedback from a wide range of employees across our organisation, we have developed Core Values and Behaviours linked to our commitment of ‘Putting Our People First’. These are:


- Take care of your well-being and others
- Take ownership and responsibility
- Be aware
- Report and action

Customer excellence

- Listen and respect
- Go the extra mile
- Be polite
- Show empathy


- Share and encourage new ideas
- Find solutions
- Be creative
- Think for the future


- Make greener decisions
- Encourage others to act sustainably
- Build an enjoyable working environment
- Be positive towards change


- Be trustworthy
- Give praise & recognition
- Work to the best of your ability
- Work as one team

What are values?

Our five core values capture who we are, what we believe in, and what we stand for. 

What are behaviours?

These demonstrate the attitudes and approach we take whilst at work including:

  • how we act;
  • what we say and how we say it;
  • how we treat others; and
  • how we expect to be treated.
Why have them?

A shared understanding of what is expected and what is acceptable to others, and consistency of approach from all employees is essential. The behaviours of all our employees supports the delivery of our mission and vision, values and culture.

To truly live our values, we are committed to providing an environment and experience which reflects them. As part of this we expect all employees to conduct themselves in a way that is consistent with our values, as endorsed by our people from all our locations and across all our operations. 

How is this supported by the company?

During the recruitment process and competency-based interviews, culture fit is as equally important as technical capability, and both will be considered.

Our behaviours will be incorporated within the annual review process.

New initiatives encourage well-being and support will be provided by
the company should an individual’s well-being be affected by negative behaviour.

The behaviours are fully supported by the Company’s policies and procedures.