The Group was established to provide services in the gas infrastructure connections market which emerged following Ofgem’s move to deregulation and liberalisation of the gas industry.  Since that period, the UK gas market has evolved from the original British Gas single monopoly to an unbundled market.


In the early years, SMS started a UK-wide contracting services business using subcontractors from a main base in Scotland.  In 2004, a meter asset management service was established and became an Ofgem approved Meter Asset Manager (MAM).

2009 – 2011

A meter asset portfolio was created and built with all gas suppliers in the UK, followed by a new smart metering and data management offering serving the I&C market in addition to preparing for the potential roll out of smart metering in the domestic market.  The UK government’s objective is to have all domestic gas and electricity consumers installed with a smart metering solution by 2020.


The business floated on AIM.


2014 has been a landmark year in SMS’ story, as we launched electricity service offerings through the acquisition of Utility Partnership Limited (UPL), a leading manager of electricity meters in the UK and provider of electricity connections, design, meter installation, data management and energy management services.  SMS and UPL are highly complementary businesses that share similar histories, founded in 1995 and 1996 respectively, and a vision of becoming the leading independent supplier of smart metering solutions to suppliers in the utility sector providing the highest levels of customer service.

Less than a year after the acquisition of UPL in April 2014, our businesses are fully integrated and SMS now provides gas and electricity customers with a full end-to-end dual fuel gas and electricity service incorporating connections, metering assets installation, ownership and management, as well as data management services.

Our Future

There is the further potential to work with new water industry customers and in 2014 SMS received full accreditation for water markets in the UK.  SMS is also exploring avenues to increase its penetration into geographical markets, including through UPL’s energy management propositions already established in Italy and the Caribbean and SMS’ ADM device, which is currently undergoing trials across three continents.

SMS’ success story is based on consistently growing and delivering trusted relationships with customers in the gas and electricity supplier markets.  The culture is based on the firm’s employees knowing their customers and understanding of the market in the UK, and has been instrumental in creating a trusted relationship based on good counsel, prudence and knowledge.

Utility Infrastructure Solutions

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Providing a complete managed service for multi-utility infrastructure projects


Smart Metering Solutions

Metering & Data

Managing meter assets and providing remote reading solutions

Metering & Data

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Energy Management

Energy Management solutions to reduce energy consumption and costs

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