Through our mission to deliver the future of smart energy, we support energy suppliers and industry partners across a range of research and development projects.

As a major stakeholder and leading player in both the smart metering and energy services industries, we have a clear vision to support the decarbonisation of our society.

By helping homes and businesses reduce energy consumption through the installation and management of smart metering assets, as well as the promotion of practising greater energy efficiency through our mission to deliver the future of smart energy, our commitment to both sustainability and innovation is evident.

We have a history of bringing new innovations and services to the market which deliver such energy reduction opportunities – from being one of the first independent meter operators and meter asset managers in the UK, to developing and deploying our own patented AMR data logger device. SMS is deploying our technology, knowledge, engineering expertise and finance to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

This commitment is not only demonstrated by the range of services that we offer, but also reflected in our involvement across a range of industry research and development projects.

Working alongside project partners, our R&D efforts include:

Developing new technology and financial models to connect, control and actively manage generation and storage assets to exploit synergies between electrical flexibility and the thermal inertia of buildings (SABINA)

Developing innovative solutions towards improved building energy management (PERFORMER)

Developing home area network ICT technologies that connect consumers and prosumers to the smart grid (Mas2ering)

Improving water efficiency through the use of ICT technologies for integrated supply-demand side management (i-WIDGET)

The design, integration and piloting of an innovative solution for social housing, using mature and interactive ICT to enable sustained reductions of energy and water consumption (ICE-WISH).

Our work in these areas has allowed us stay at the cutting edge of technological development, standardisation and energy management drivers within our industry. This, combined with our unique service across the smart metering, utility infrastructure and energy management sectors puts us in a fantastic position to continue leading the energy revolution well into the future.