A digital communications provider, our client manages 2G, 3G and 4G services across the UK, as well as a nationwide WiFi broadband service. 

The company has thousands of employees and hundreds of retail stores around Britain. 

In 2016 SMS Plc was appointed to manage the organisation’s utility portfolio and energy expenditure through a bespoke package of risk managed energy procurement and bureau services. 

In addition to the bureau and procurement functions, SMS also delivers a range of technical utility infrastructure design and connection management services as well as being the primary Smart Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector & Aggregator (DCDA).

We provide a joined up, ongoing service to maximise the value to the client. 

Through our Energy Markets team we:

  • Competitively tendered a flexible procurement contract for power as well as a fixed gas supply across the client's whole UK estate;

  • Manage risk and exposure to volatile energy markets by executing a bespoke energy trading strategy that capitalises on advantageous market movements, whilst ensuring purchasing triggers are in place to maximise savings and protecting budgets;

  • Provide annual energy budgets on a site-by-site level using latest techniques and industry information to ensure financial governance throughout the contract period;

From an Energy Bureau perspective our services include:

  • Full invoice validation for all UK electricity, gas, and water supplies, ensuring a full analysis of every invoice is undertaken to identify any discrepancies;

  • Engineer site visits to fulfil all industry obligations and resolve technical discrepancies and faults that could impact supplier billing, such as undertaking manual meter reads, identifying and resolving communication faults, as well as ad hoc customer requests;

  • Supplier dispute resolution and historic recovery service, ensuring the client is in complete financial control of its utilities;

Through our Utility Infrastructure team we:

  • Provide infrastructure design and connection management services, liaising with Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and technical stakeholders on behalf of the client.

From a smart metering and data perspective we:

  • Provide, install and maintain the client's smart meters across the UK estate collecting and aggregating all associated profile data.

The client has a very large estate with many unique challenges. Faced with these challenges we have:

  • Actively traded over £31million of power on behalf of the client, achieving savings of £3.2million against the weighted market average over the same period;

  • Validated over 84,000 utility invoices worth over £73 million, resolving over 15,800 billing queries securing savings in excess of £1.02 million to date with a further £118,000 cost avoidance achieved per month;

  • Conducted over 500 energy engineer visits to date, in order to investigate and resolve a range of issues at sites including equipment testing and supply points verification, thus ensuring the correct supplies are being billed accurately;

  • Project managed and overseen the successful connection of over 650 new supplies on behalf of the client and their commercial partners;

  • Been appointed meter operator on over 6350 smart meters, providing the profile data to ensure accurate billing and further energy management services.

Through our Smart Energy Services division, we are helping business energy users gain valuable insight into their consumption and identify real energy saving opportunities. By offering the resources, management and funding to deliver these opportunities, we can assist organisations with the introduction of flexibility and energy technologies that boost operational sustainability.

Find out more about our energy management team. Email info@sms-plc.com or call us today on 02920 739500