With hundreds of hotels and tens of thousands of guest bedrooms across the UK, this well-known chain attracts millions of customers a year and employs a six-figure number of people across its network of hotels and back offices.

In 2015, we were appointed by the client to develop and implement a robust energy management strategy designed to manage and reduce the organisation’s annual energy expenditure through an outsourced package of energy consultancy, flexible procurement, and bureau services.

We provide a joined up, ongoing service to achieve our goals and maximise the value to the client.

Through our Energy Markets team we:

  • Competitively tendered a flexible procurement contract for gas and power as well as a consolidated water supply contract across all sites in England and Scotland;

  • Managed risk and exposure to volatile energy markets by executing a bespoke energy trading strategy that capitalises on advantageous market movements, whilst ensuring purchasing triggers are in place to maximise savings and protecting budgets;

  • Produce a suite of three-year utility budgets, breaking down all commodity and non-energy components at an individual site level. These reports are regularly reforecasted using latest techniques and information to ensure financial governance is guaranteed.

From an Energy Bureau perspective our services include:

  • A full invoice validation service for all UK Electricity, Gas, LPG, & Water supplies, ensuring a full analysis of every invoice is undertaken to identify any discrepancies;

  • Supplier dispute resolution service and site visits to resolve technical queries, ensuring the client is in complete financial control of its utilities;

  • Installing sub-meters at shared sites and using data to apportion the main supplier invoice accordingly and generate sub-tenant invoicing.

Our Energy Efficiency department completes the package by:

  • Providing energy performance reporting to monitor hotel performance based on energy density benchmarks, identifying worst performing hotels to investigate and rectify as part of a nationwide programme;

  • Undertaking all legislative compliance work associated with both CRC energy efficiency scheme and Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS);

  • Delivering nine days of technical consultancy per month delivering energy audits, managing technical optimisation programmes, and overseeing capital investment projects.

The client has a very large estate with many unique challenges. Faced with these challenges we have:

  • Actively traded over £10.5 million of power and gas on behalf of the cleint, achieving savings of £765,000 against the weighted market average and £1.75 million compared to a fixed deal;

  • Validated over 12,500 invoices worth £20 million, resolving 2,950 billing queries and securing savings in excess of £120,000;

  • Ensured full compliance with CRC and ESOS (phase 1) legislation, identifying over £2.3million of saving opportunities with payback less than five years;

  • Identified significant energy saving opportunities including the retrofit of high efficiency LED lighting and lighting controls to communal areas and the remote control of communal ventilation and A/C systems;

  • Managed complex energy improvement projects from conception through to project delivery, including development of IGPs, specification development, due diligence, programme, project management and the M&V of project savings.

Through our Smart Energy Services division, we are helping business energy users gain valuable insight into their consumption and identify real energy saving opportunities. By offering the resources, management and funding to deliver these opportunities, we can assist organisations with the introduction of flexibility and energy technologies that boost operational sustainability.

Find out more about our energy management team. Email info@sms-plc.com or call us today on 02920 739500