Gas I&C

Gas Asset Provision and Management Solutions

As part of our Industrial and Commercial gas asset provision and management offering, we focus on providing bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements whilst ensuring an exceptional level of customer service.

We are one of the largest independent asset owners in the UK with a current portfolio of over 80,000 gas assets in the Industrial and Commercial sector alone.  We provide a full range of services from installation of the asset and associated equipment to providing all industry flows and billing to the gas suppliers through our bespoke Review of Gas Metering Arrangements (RGMA) compliant system.

Our clients come from the gas supplier community as well as the energy brokers and meter installers.

For more information, please contact our team directly or email us.

If your enquiry is of an urgent nature, please contact us on 0141 249 3956.

I&C Gas Site Works Projects

Meter Assets

We provide a flexible and comprehensive range of gas meter services

Meter Assets

Electricity Metering Solutions

Electricity I&C

Elexon qualified NHH & HH meter operator & data collector, data aggregator & data retriever

Electricity I&C

Data Management Solutions

Data Management

Specialists in the collection and processing of gas, electricity and water data

Data Management

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