Feed-In Tariff

Accurate Meter Reading & Data Analysis

Our Feed-In Tariff (FIT) service is designed for multiple portfolio installations where customers provide meter readings typically through Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology.

AMR coupled with precise data analysis, enables you to forecast future invoices and improve cash flow.  As an accredited meter operator and data collector, we can provide further efficiencies by combining these services.

By installing an SMS smart meter, you wouldn’t need to worry about providing on-going meter readings for your FIT installations.  We are able to read your meter directly and calculate the payments due from this data.

Without a smart meter, it will be necessary for you to provide manual reads on a quarterly basis and as and when necessary in order for the payments to be calculated.  Manual reads can prove difficult to obtain, especially if you are relying on the homeowner to provide a read.  There is also a higher chance of errors occurring and delays in the revenue payments.

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