Clearer Visibility Of Your Electricity Usage

Our ELEXON-approved Non Half Hourly (NHH) and Half Hourly (HH) Data Collection (DC) and Data Aggregation (DA) service eliminates the need for estimated billing.  Data is sent directly to energy suppliers, who will then invoice for only the energy consumed via DC/DA.  We also provide profile and read data for a range of other uses such as sub-metering or generation metering.

With our sophisticated web-enabled energy management software, Energylive Pro, you can effortlessly analyse, manage and reduce your energy usage, enabling you to budget for future energy use accurately.

Our robust, secure and advanced suite of data services not only ensures accurate billing, but also provides invaluable up-to-date information for effective energy management.

Understanding where and how your energy is being consumed can be identified through implementing a long-term reduction strategy.  Our bespoke data service offering is tailored to your requirements, providing you with a range of reports including budget versus usage through to implementing exception levels to identify any unexpected energy spikes or usage downturn.  Providing you with clear visibility of your energy usage means that you can take back control of your portfolio.

We work in partnership with major energy suppliers throughout the UK, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific Regions.

For more information, please contact our team directly or email us.

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