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Our business operation is based on connecting, owning, operating and maintaining metering systems and databases on behalf of major energy companies and energy brokers as part of an integrated service offering in the gas and electricity connection and metering services markets.

We aim to:

  • Be the market leader in the independent ownership of industrial and commercial meters;
  • Establish ADM as the industry standard smart metering solution for industrial and commercial (I&C) clients; and
  • Grow our domestic meters business organically and potentially through new contracts.

We will also seek out new domestic and international markets for our products and services to widen our footprint in the UK and establish an international presence.

Asset Accumulation

In 2011 the Company was delighted to welcome new gas supplier clients, increasing our base of major clients to representing over 80% of the I&C meters market.

In 2012 we will continue to focus on accumulation of meter assets organically and potentially through new contract wins.

The Company has seen a significant increase thus far in 2012 in our domestic meter installation run rate secured from existing gas supplier clients.

The ADM smart metering solution has been designed to the exacting requirements as requested by the Company’s existing client base for the I&C market and, following trials, is now an established proven solution.

The objective is to add a further recurring meter rental income to the Company from the provision of data services, generated by the installation of the ADM device to I&C meters by gas supplier customers. Additionally however, a new meter is intended to be installed at the same time as an ADM device installation, thereby further increasing the Company’s meter asset portfolio in this market segment.


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