Energy Management

Delivering effective and practical solutions

Specialising in large, complex multi-site portfolios, we aim to help businesses better understand energy usage, reduction and costs; whilst at the same time improving energy efficiency.

From bill investigation to legislative advice and environmental management services, we effectively identify and deliver practical, cost-effective solutions.

Modern-day businesses are aware of their environmental responsibilities but implementing a long-term programme of energy reduction can be a demanding and time-consuming task.  Our energy consultants can advise and implement effective strategies as well as educational programmes to ensure you reduce both your energy costs and consumption.

Using an innovative approach to monitoring and managing consumption data, our activity allows us to extract additional value for our clients.

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Multi-Utility Invoice Analysis

Bureau & Bill Validation

We investigate inconsistencies, resolve disputes and recover any monies overpaid

Bureau & Bill Validation

Historical Utility Invoice Analysis


We target and investigate your historical utility bills, building a clearer picture of your portfolio


Comprehensive Monitoring

Energy & Environmental

Providing solutions that enable energy to be used more efficiently and reduce costs

Energy & Environmental

SMS Plc Data Management