The Story Behind SMS Plc

We began on our road to success in 1995 with a desire to increase competition in the gas supply market, expanding through the outsourced management of gas connections.

Our culture revolves around commitment to our customers where we deliver in terms of our attention to detail.  We’re knowledgeable and experienced in what we do and that is imperative when it comes to guiding our customers through their journey with ease.

‘It takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field’ Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

Our philosophy is all about providing solutions through excellent customer experience, ensuring we deliver value to our customers every day.  Our core values are central to our heritage and our culture. 

The acquisition of Utility Partnership Ltd (UPL) in 2014 marked SMS’s first ever acquisition.  It also marked the coming together of two companies with very similar histories, values, culture and approach to customer service.

SMS Plc can now provide a completely integrated service from beginning to end, from project managing the installation of the gas and/or electricity supply and connection through to the procurement, installation and management of the meter asset, data collection and on-going energy management solutions. 

This breadth of service makes us completely unique in the industry. There are no other organisations in a position to be able to offer all of these services simultaneously, meaning that without SMS Plc customers would need to use several different providers to cover their needs.

Our experience attests to our level of knowledge and expertise but what really sets us apart is our ability to tailor customer contracts. This flexibility in the delivery of our services is key to our customer service centred approach. We listen to what our customers need and what they want to achieve and then use our collective experience to ensure these requirements are met.

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